Our Aim

We work with clients in partnership to provide planning guidance and expertise to build financial freedom using identified strategies.
Some of the things that we will work with you are:

Improve your credit score

Increase your cash flow

Increase your capital/net worth

Our aim is to work with you from where you are now to where you wish to be financially as part of a long term partnership for the long term and you are welcome to be as hands on or off as you wish, depending on how much time or money you wish to contribute.
We consult with world class specialists to ensure that you receive the best advice to implement your identified plan.  For instance, we may introduce you to a specialist Accountant, solicitor, mortgage broker, Surveyor or property management company.
With our Family Lets we aim to target a return on investment of at least 7% per year.   What rate are you getting with your bank in an ISA?
At Property For Your Future we do not provide tax, legal, accounting advice.  The information we provide is to inform about options and devise a personal plan so you can make the decision for your personal needs and requirements before making any property commitments.
We look forward to working with you.